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Pictures of our journey with Prodigy
Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Donor car 2003 C5 Z06


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Mechanically intact. It even started.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Firewall section of sad old C2 body.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Note texta lines of where body was to be cut.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Floor from old C2 body being removed.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Original C2 floor discarded.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   9 days to bring back from the dead. Birdcage was completely rusted out.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   It never seems to end.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   You would never know.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Getting close now.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Positioning C2 birdcage on C5 chassis.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Joining birdcage back up.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Gussetting, and plating front door pillar to work with C5 firewall and C2 plenum chamber.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Admit to luck over judgement here, rear of C2 body fitted perfectly over C5 chassis.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Trial fit of rear quarters. Widenend 75mm at front of quarters per side and 125mm at the rear. This was necessary to obtain rear wheel clearance to the body.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Plaster mould taken for third tail light.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Looking the part now.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Fibreglassing over final shape of rear valance.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Front valance build process.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Finished shape. Note where 200mm has been added in to widen front.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Front clip fibreglassed.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Building inner front valance with functioning front brake ducts.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Refining front, building gaps.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Starting to look like a car now.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Foam sill panel sheets stuck on prior to sculpturing.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Note, 75mm wooden blocks used in mock up to widen and build the doors.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Inner door frame modified to obtain clearance with hinges and front guards.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   C5 door handles installed plus note 75mm added to the rear of the door.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Hand sculpturing new dash and console.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Darryll, the artist at work.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   XJ6 ash tray hinges made for a great base for the hide away panel.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Refining dash. Note, we are using a C5 Z06 instrument cluster.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Retro "original" console taking shape.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Cutting up original glove box door to fit into new shape.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   First pic of mock up in profile.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Front vents cut out - more advanced body prep.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   My team with mock up of front vent spears.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Darryll at work sculpturing new hood bulge.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Wife reckons it looks like a surf board.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Front hood flutes narrowed by 120mm each side to accomodate new hood bulge.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   New door skins made and fitted.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Making mould of engine shroud.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Workings of functioning rear brake ducts.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Ready for top coat.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   The complexities of modern wiring with 28 computers to contend with.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Marrying up the chassis and the drive train.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Getting everything bolted up.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Hurray, on for the last time.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Inside rear hatch showing Dynamat install plus speaker mounts.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Ange building the grille.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Darryll is pretty darn happy.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Yep, we are all pretty darn happy right now.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Ange's grille taking shape.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Door internals showing C5 window regulators, latches and door modules.


Prodigy - The Journey   Darryll working on the engine shroud.  


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   All masked and undercoated.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   The quality control team, including the missus in action.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Dash install underway.


Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Long suffering wife, Jan, hard at work detailing engine bay.



Prodigy - The Journey   Sad as it was, everything we needed was there.


Prodigy - The Journey   Stripped to a rolling chassis ready for importation to Australia.


Prodigy - The Journey   Rear of body showing proposed mods.


Prodigy - The Journey   Right rear quarter off.


Prodigy - The Journey   Rear of rusty birdcage off to the sandblasters.


Prodigy - The Journey   Birdcage in real bad shape - rubbish really.


Prodigy - The Journey   Piece by piece.


Prodigy - The Journey   Yet another piece done.


Prodigy - The Journey   Both rear door pillars were a shocker.


Prodigy - The Journey   I think we are nearly done now.


Prodigy - The Journey   Gussetting rear door post and plating sills to C5 frame.


Prodigy - The Journey   Needed to postion birdcage so it all worked with door / seat openings, air con system, and dash / steering. In the end we postitioned it to work with these items and everything else had to fit.


Prodigy - The Journey   Trial fitment of roof section.


Prodigy - The Journey   Cut down original C5 boot tub modified to bond onto C2 underbody.


Prodigy - The Journey   Number plate lifted by 50mm. New rear valance being sculptured in foam.


Prodigy - The Journey   Prepping for fibreglassing quarters on.


Prodigy - The Journey   Finished cut down C5 boot tub with C2 bonding strips attached ready to bond onto the underside of the C2 rear body.


Prodigy - The Journey   Now comes the refining process.


Prodigy - The Journey   Rough shape with hand saw.


Prodigy - The Journey   Shaping with 60 grit sandpaper.


Prodigy - The Journey   Fitting and refining.


Prodigy - The Journey   Front valance fibreglassed. Trial headlamp bucket fit.


Prodigy - The Journey   Dialing in front wheel arches.


Prodigy - The Journey   Cutting up foam for new sill panels.


Prodigy - The Journey   Cutting 75mm off from rear quarters, we plan on adding this to the door.


Prodigy - The Journey   Process showing 75mm widening of the doors.


Prodigy - The Journey   Cardboard shape covered in tape used as a base to fibreglass over for the door widening.


Prodigy - The Journey   Going back a few steps. Right hand drive conversion to C5 air con, pedal box, and steering column.


Prodigy - The Journey   550 hours spent on this dash / console build.


Prodigy - The Journey   Hide away panel for C5 climate control.


Prodigy - The Journey   Taking shape.


Prodigy - The Journey   C5 original column with retro Grant steering wheel. Cut down original glove box door.


Prodigy - The Journey   Gapping all components, ready to be covered in leather.


Prodigy - The Journey   Front wheel arches going through the refining process.


Prodigy - The Journey   Sharpening up body lines for a clean look.


Prodigy - The Journey   Rear really taking shape now.


Prodigy - The Journey   Huge mods needed on hood to accomodate supercharger.


Prodigy - The Journey   Finished foam shape.


Prodigy - The Journey   Looking better now. 23 days was spent to get this hood project finished.


Prodigy - The Journey   Wiper vent grilles shortened by 120mm each. Plus huge changes to top of plenum chamber to flow with new hood.

  Prodigy - The Journey   Mock up of engine shroud.


Prodigy - The Journey   Finished engine shroud before refining.


Prodigy - The Journey   Michael undercoating chassis.


Prodigy - The Journey   New foam headlight covers sculptured to accomodate new generation lights.


Prodigy - The Journey   LS6 enging looking sharper with supercharger install.


Prodigy - The Journey   Front cross member with right hand drive converted billet rack and pinion Magnasteer steering assembly.


Prodigy - The Journey   Almost ready to bond on rear clip.


Prodigy - The Journey   Front clip next, note original C2 bonding strips around plenum and firewall area.


Prodigy - The Journey   Nice and clean underneath.


Prodigy - The Journey   Front clip going on for the last time.


Prodigy - The Journey   Engine bay sure looks busy.


Prodigy - The Journey   Fitting up hood using BMW boot hinges (long story) and gas struts from a BA Falcon.


Prodigy - The Journey   Dynamat install on the doorskins before bonding them onto the door frames.


Prodigy - The Journey   Michael and Darryll attending to final prep for the paint booth.



Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Michael refining between colour coats and Darryll prepping dash for paint.



Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Colour application now complete.



Prodigy-Z06 - The Journey   Instrument cluster from donor C5 Z06 featuring a self diagnostic computer. Original period clock and speaker grille. Air vents from RT140 Toyota Corona. Billet push button momentary switches for driver information controls.



Build Concept
The Build Explained Build Picture Journey Launch at
Motorex 2011
Comparison pics
Prodigy to Std '63
Cruzin Magazine Street Machine Magazine Links


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